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FIRST Team 4682 and the Industrial Design Award
FIRST Team 4682 and the Industrial Design Award

We ARE Team 4682

We are Team 4682 BraveBots of Bishop Blanchet High School.  In our mission to bring the STEM field to the school, we have created more then just a team, we have integrated ourselves in a very tight family with all of our highly dedicated members and mentors. The Bravebots strive to have gracious professionalism in every aspect of their lives, inside and out of the workshop, to set an example for all Bishop Blanchet students and introduce them to science and technology fields.

FIRST® Robotics

STEM fields can be relatively challenging. They constantly change and often can cause confusion. However, FIRST Robotics has given the opportunity to thousands of high school students to experience it firsthand. It brings math and science out of the classroom to build a full functioning robot by designing, programming, building, and testing it. However, it isn’t all a set of mathematical skills. It incorporates many aspects from graphic design to business skills too. There is always a place for someone to fit on a robotics team! Want to explore more about FIRST and our competitions? Find information here: http://www.firstinspires.org/

Gracious Professionalism

One of the most important lessons that a FIRST participant is the term coined by the co-founder Woodie Flowers, “Gracious Professionalism.”  It is the idea that respect comes from off and on the field. As a team, we learn to work with one another, and do our best to serve our community outside robotics.  This we will take into our lives as growing adults, and use it in our daily lives even if we do not pursue  robotics.

FRC Steamworks 2017!

Who knows? What do you think? We will find out on January 7th!

For more information about Team 4682, you can find more on the History page

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