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December 2016



Microsoft Representative Presentation

Microsoft Representative Presentation


Greetings During the Holiday Season!

It is now December, and it has been nearly four months since we started our pre-season. The cold temperatures have not stopped us from our dedicated work! We have been working on a variety of projects, including a shooter that can catapult a plush ball several feet in the air. As well we are improving our drivers station to make it both more functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye with 3D Printed spacers, decorated in green and gold, with custom printed, rounded black corners engraved with our number ‘4682’. You can also see that our website has gotten remodeled and updated, while also improving our graphic design work. So far, we are nearly done with our pre-season and look forward to the season ahead.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Next month the season begins, the sweat of our work will be put to the test!

Kick off is January 27, 2017!

Pre-Season Projects

Hello Bravebots Fans!

Welcome to the beginning of another great robotics year! Although our real season does not begin for another few months, we have been up to a lot so far!

To begin, we have been fixing up the robot from last year to be up to par for different events like open house and such. We also have been working on our t-shirt canon.. Hopefully it will be fixed up soon.

Then we are working to perfect a ball shooter, something we did not get to for our 2016 robot.

As well, this website is getting a remodel to allow it to look better and more design work is being added.

Finally we are awaiting to hear about STEAMWorks which happens January 7, 2017!

It Is Completed

It is Complete

The Final Countdown is Over

The challenge has been completed and over the span of several hours, the Bishop Blanchet Bravebots have finished their robot and had the chance to try the green and gold tires against several of the obstacles.

In this success we advanced toward the 6-hour window to improve even more so on this robot. On February 23rd we bagged and on Saturday the 27th we will meet to assign positions within the team once we go to competition.

Competition days:

Glacier Peak High School
March 11 – FIRST Robotics Team 4682 BraveBots takes robot to Glacier Peak High School
March 12 – BraveBots competes – 10:30am – 5:30pm
March 13 – BraveBots competes – 9:00am – 3:00pm

Mount Vernon High School
March 18 – FIRST Robotics Team 4682 Bravebots takes robot to Mount Vernon High School
March 19 – BraveBots competes – 10:30am – 5:30pm
March 20 – BraveBots competes – 9:00am – 3:00pm

2015-2016 Robotics Regional Competition:
April 6-9 – Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (Team 4682 needs to have a combined point total and be in the top 30 to advance to this competition.

It’s the Final Countdown



It is hard to believe that as a team,  that we have gotten this far since 2013 when Bravebots was founded on the basis of introducing the STEM field to Bishop Blanchet High School. 4682 has made it through three whole games and it seems as only yesterday that we were the new kids on the block.

Now it has been nearly four whole years and FRC has brought on a whole new challenge to us, Stronghold.  In this game introduced to us on January 9, 2016 we have been introduced to something quite different in which we have to build a robot that can scale a 6′ tower, avoid tire-popping obstacles and choose between feeding or shooting a ball, even simply breaching the obstacles.

It has been five weeks, the Braves have 10 days left, the time is ticking, and things are finally shaping up for the Bravebots.



ShoreWood Competition

The final regular season match of this year’s FIRST competition is on this weekend. We are at ShoreWood High School in Shoreline. Match times and results can be found on the FIRST website here.

We are team 4682. We are scheduled for the following times (times are approximate and the competition frequently falls behind schedule):

Match # Time Alliance

Saturday, March 21st
3, 11:06, Red
7, 11:38, Blue
16, 12:50, Blue
18, 1:36, Blue
22, 2:08, Red
32, 3:28, Red
37, 4:08, Blue
42, 4:48, Blue
46, 5:20, Red
52, 6:08, Red

Sunday, March 22nd
59, 9:40, Blue
62, 10:04, Red

The entire competition is streaming live at

Glacier Peak Competition

Our first FRC competition starts today, March 7th. We are at Glacier Peak High School in Everett. You can find match times on the results page .
We are team 4682. We are scheduled for the following times (times are approximate and the competition frequently falls behind schedule):
Match number, time, alliance
3 11:01 red
10 11:57 blue
14 12:29 blue
17 12:53 blue
23 2:11 blue
30 4:07 red
35 4:47 red
43 6:19 red
47 6:43 blue
51 7:15 blue


57 9:08 red
62 9:48 red

After 10:30 on Sunday, there are playoff matches. We won’t know if we qualify for the playoffs until later in the competition.

Matches are live-streamed on the internet. The Glacier Peak competition has two streams, one for each alliance, red or blue. Here are the links to the streams:


Drive plan decided

Mobility is a high priority in the game. The robot will have to move around stacks of totes in narrow aisles with other alliance robots moving in the same space. To make sure our robot is very mobile, we’ve decided to go with mecanum wheels. These funky-looking wheels allow the robot to move in any direction. They can be difficult to program for. They are also not good for the kind of full-contact robotics that we’ve seen in the past two competitions, where robots rammed each other and pushed each other around. But in this year’s game, robots will not be interacting much with the opposing alliance’s robots, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is a video of the mecanum wheels in action: Mecanum Wheels .