2013 Competition Results

  • larkhawk 

Thank you to everyone for your help and support for FIRST Robotic Team 4682-Audacity – Bishop Blanchet High School! They couldn’t do what they did without your help and support.

Friday we had such a wonderful day in competition. We ended with the 5 wins and 2 losses. Very good for a rookie team.  Before our match, the team members built a cage around the robot to help defense to deflect Frisbees from the other alliance. The cage makes our robot look pretty cool.

We had two matches today. Both gave the drivers challenges they were not expecting. We lost both matches today. The students ended up with a rank of 18 out of 64 teams. We were not chosen to be a part of the finals. (This wasn’t the process I understood.) The top 8 ranked teams are the captains for the alliances and pick the two team in an orderly fashion. They can choose any team they want to be part of their alliance as long as they have not been chosen by another team.

We (all of us) have learned a lot about how the FIRST Robotics Competition works and what we need to do to keep going and improving.

I couldn’t be more proud of TEAM 4682! These students should be commended for their dedication and perseverance.

-Dixie Strunk

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