Glacier Peak Day 1

Day 1 of the Glacier Peak District Meet was very exciting. We played in 9 matches and finished the day with a record of 4 – 5. Currently we are in 21st place. Full standings can be found here. They are updated after every match, so they are always current. You can watch video of the competition live on the internet at FIRSTWA Blue.

We used the time with our robot out of the sealed bag to finally dig in and do some more work on it. We are getting very close to having a working launcher, and it’s possible we’ll be shooting at the high goal in tomorrow’s matches.

We won our first match of the day. We had some problems that kept our robot off the field for two matches, but our alliance came through and won one of those despite being down a ‘bot. The battling takes a toll on the robot. At one point, our battery was cracked and leaked acid over the bottom of our robot. It was pretty minor and we cleaned it up after the match before it could damage any other components.

The last match of the day really showed how robots were wearing down. Two robots broke down during the competition. We accidentally ran over the PVC arms of a robot of our own alliance, crushing them and breaking them off. By the rules, the robot was disabled, so there were only 3 of 6 robots working at the end of the match. We scored a point in the low goal, shepherding the ball into it.

Most of the day, we focused on defense. Our driver, Dan, became very good at blocking other robots, keeping them from moving the ball up the field. A couple times, other teams became so frustrated by the smothering D that they reacted violently, smashing into our robot so hard and for so long that they racked up 100 penalty points for our team.

We finished the day in the pits, working up until they kicked us out, trying to get the launcher operational. We’ll be back tomorrow morning at 8:00 to resume work. We have 3 more matches tomorrow before lunch. Afternoon matches are for teams that qualify for the playoffs. We are on the bubble right now, but our stellar defense might get us picked for an alliance if we can’t move up in the standings.

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