Glacier Peak Competition

Our first FRC competition starts today, March 7th. We are at Glacier Peak High School in Everett. You can find match times on the results page .
We are team 4682. We are scheduled for the following times (times are approximate and the competition frequently falls behind schedule):
Match number, time, alliance
3 11:01 red
10 11:57 blue
14 12:29 blue
17 12:53 blue
23 2:11 blue
30 4:07 red
35 4:47 red
43 6:19 red
47 6:43 blue
51 7:15 blue


57 9:08 red
62 9:48 red

After 10:30 on Sunday, there are playoff matches. We won’t know if we qualify for the playoffs until later in the competition.

Matches are live-streamed on the internet. The Glacier Peak competition has two streams, one for each alliance, red or blue. Here are the links to the streams:


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