It’s the Final Countdown



It is hard to believe that as a team,  that we have gotten this far since 2013 when Bravebots was founded on the basis of introducing the STEM field to Bishop Blanchet High School. 4682 has made it through three whole games and it seems as only yesterday that we were the new kids on the block.

Now it has been nearly four whole years and FRC has brought on a whole new challenge to us, Stronghold.  In this game introduced to us on January 9, 2016 we have been introduced to something quite different in which we have to build a robot that can scale a 6′ tower, avoid tire-popping obstacles and choose between feeding or shooting a ball, even simply breaching the obstacles.

It has been five weeks, the Braves have 10 days left, the time is ticking, and things are finally shaping up for the Bravebots.



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