December 2016



Microsoft Representative Presentation

Microsoft Representative Presentation


Greetings During the Holiday Season!

It is now December, and it has been nearly four months since we started our pre-season. The cold temperatures have not stopped us from our dedicated work! We have been working on a variety of projects, including a shooter that can catapult a plush ball several feet in the air. As well we are improving our drivers station to make it both more functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye with 3D Printed spacers, decorated in green and gold, with custom printed, rounded black corners engraved with our number ‘4682’. You can also see that our website has gotten remodeled and updated, while also improving our graphic design work. So far, we are nearly done with our pre-season and look forward to the season ahead.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Next month the season begins, the sweat of our work will be put to the test!

Kick off is January 27, 2017!

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