Who are we?

We are Team 4682 BraveBots!

We are Team 4682 BraveBots of Bishop Blanchet High School.  In our mission to bring the STEM field to the school, we have created more than just a team, we have integrated ourselves in a very tight-knit family with all of our highly dedicated members and mentors. The Bravebots strive to have gracious professionalism in every aspect of their lives, inside and out of the workshop, to set an example for all Bishop Blanchet students and introduce them to science and technology fields.

Mission Statement

The Bishop Blanchet Robotics Team – Team 4682 – BraveBots – is a fun and active way to learn about robotics. The goal of this student organization is to provide an atmosphere for students to collaborate and share ideas, learn something new, and get ready for the
FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

If you so choose, feel free to explore our website! You’ll find resources about FIRST Robotics, the season, and events that our team is hosting.

Are you a Bishop Blanchet High School student? Stop by our room in 304 to learn more about our robotics team! There is absolutely no experience required, and there are many skills integral to our team!

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