Member Positions


Each and every member of our dedicated team have a specific duty on the team. Even though we are flexible and indeed branch out to help other teams, we have various positions and job teams that you can be a part of! There is no experience needed to join Team 4682, all you need to be is a Bishop Blanchet High School student.



President: Lorenzo Tamez

Vice-President: Cutler Delestine

Secretary: Ricardo Beaufrand

Treasurer: Ms. Strunk

Lead Programmer: Cutler Delestine

Project Managers: The Mentors


Chassis Team

Bumpers Team

Assembly Team

Manipulations Team


CAD Team

Drawing/Measuring Parts Team

                                                                                                                                                 Programming Team

Brainstorming [Everyone is involved in this!]


Fundraising Team


Graphic Designers Team

Web Design Team

Events Team

Everyone has a place on Team 4682. There is sure a place for you, no matter what you are skilled in! So what are you waiting for Braves? Join Team 4682! Stop by Room 304 to learn more about us.